A strange toxin has entered the city and almost people in the city were transformed into the Zombies.

The Zombies are very ferocious and they can destroy everything that prevents them.
There is only one change to save the city, it is the Special Squad.
The Special Squad have elite and brave soldiers. Each soldier has different skill and strength, constitute a strong team can defeat everything.
So now, let's lead you Special Squad to kill the Zombies and save the city.
Besides, you also have the different skills to help you a lot of in defeating the Zombies.
It's great that you can using your gold, gem to upgrade your soldier, skill to get a most terrible power.

- 8 soldier with different skill and strength.
- 9 type of zombies with different ability (freeze unit, suicide bombers...)
- 3 skills you can using.
- Diversity upgrade systems (health, damage, range, critical...)
- There are many diversity quests to earn more gold and gem.
- Get your free ward every day.
- Over 40 level. The difficulty of each level will be increased, requires you must have a great skill to complete.
- You will get gem and gold after complete each level, the reward will be increased after each level and you will get more reward if you complete the level with more star.
- With the library system, you view detail of zombie's information, this will help you have reasonable tactic to kill every zombie.

unity 5.6。玩法类似植物大战僵尸。功能非常完善。

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